Clear radio communication on a job site can lead to increased efficiency and a safer work environment. Unfortunately, there are multiple projects happening at one time and the radio channels can get congested so utilizing the radios effectively is vital. Radio conversations beyond work can be confusing and distracting, potentially leading to misinterpreted information. One of the worst things that can happen on a job sites are accidents based on confused messaging. Here are simple procedures to make sure that you are utilizing your radio communication effectively and efficiently:

  1. Setup & Utilize Communication Channels

All Motorola radios have multiple channels that can be programmed for each job site or even to specific radios. The different channels can be used for specific needs and can keep users from overloading one channel or allow parties to communicate privately on different channels. A good business standard would be to designate certain channels for certain objectives, i.e. channel 1 is for general shoutouts, channel 2 is for job #1, etc.

  1. Set Radio Protocol Standards

Job sites have tens to hundreds of workers coming and going, so by setting a standard that everyone follows increases the efficiency of the radios. Here are some basic standards:

  • Do not talk over someone else
  • Respond only to calls that are directed to you
  • Be aware that others could potentially be listening in (intentionally or unintentionally)
  • Always check the battery levels and always carry a backup
  • Schedule check-in times for job updates
  • Develop a language protocol to keep radio communication concise and understandable
  1. Enforce Equipment Returns & Maintenance

Companies invest large amounts of money to ensure that radios and their accessories can be utilized. If equipment is damaged or lost, it puts that particular job site at a disadvantage due to less radios being available. One workaround this problem is to assign radios to individuals on job sites and to enforce a check in schedule. This ensures that each worker is held responsible for his/her equipment throughout the day.

Airwave Communication is a leading provider for communication solutions that can not only supply your worksite with Motorola products, but also best business practices. If you or your business needs a new communication or help developing best business practices, please schedule an appointment to let our professional staff find the right solution for you!


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