Everywhere we look we can always see a radio tower, whether large or small, but what happens when a job site is located in the middle of nowhere or there is limited coverage? Motorola has come up with a solution: IP Site Connect. This solution allows all Motorola users the ability to extend their system coverage utilizing the internet. Individuals can communicate from site to site even through sporadically spaced locations. A single person can create a wide area coverage network and roam from job site to job site without having to manually tap into a network. One of the other benefits is that IP Site Connect can also allow you to extend the voice and data capabilities throughout a very large building with multiple physical barriers.

Here are the other features of the IP Site Connect:

Wide Area Coverage

Can connect up to 15 different sites that utilize a standard IP network and each site can be as far away as another country.

Cost Effective Deployment

There is no additional infrastructure that needs to be purchased, only thing an individual needs is a single radio channel at each site.

Full Voice & Data Support

Each site that is setup with authentic Motorola products and system will support voice and data. Applications can also be added to your current radios from the extensive Motorola app library.

Easy to Maintain, Upgrade

RDAC (Repeater Diagnostics & Control) allows you to access all sites remotely for maintenance, upgrades, and network configuration. If you need to create a new site, just equip a new repeater on your current IP network.

Simple Migration

An easy upgrade from a single-site radio system and as your business grows, your radio system can as well. The ability to add a trunked system can be a simple solution and your business investment is secured.

IP Site Connect allows a business or entity to dramatically increase their customer service and will also lead to an increase in productivity. Let our staff at Airwave Communications find the best Motorola solutions for you and your business!


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