Quick and efficient communication within groups is vital to a business and its success. One of the best solutions on the market are Motorola’s 2-way radios and wide area systems. Motorola provides numerous lines of two-way radio products that can suit any industry – schools, resorts, amusement parks, warehouses, construction sites, etc.

Now that your company is looking into two-way radio systems, the next step would be to find a specific system for your business niche. There are factors that can influence which Motorola two-way radio and/or system will work best for your workforce, and having the correct equipment can make all the difference. Airwave Communications has staff on hand that can walk you through which products will work best and also install all the necessary equipment and software. Airwave Communications will show you and your team how to properly use your new Motorola two-way radios system and take full advantage of the included features.

As two-way radio technology continues to improve at a rapid pace, such as transitioning from analog to digital platforms, a plethora of new options are becoming available. Cell phones and two-way radios are becoming very similar. There are many third-party options and solutions that are available on the market for specific Motorola two-way radios. At Airwave Communications our staff is on top of the latest two-way radio technologies and product features so we can provide the perfect communication system for your business.

Current Motorola two-way radios have countless options and features that most users do not even know exist, such as Emergency all call, radio alert, radio ID, radio disable, alarm & door triggers, and more. Here is one feature that your two-way radio may have and only needs to be enabled:

“Lone Worker”

  • Vital to employees who work “solo” for periods of time in the emergency, security or high-risk environments.
  • The two-way radio can be programmed to send an audio alert every 15-30 minutes to the user.
  • If the user does press a button on the two-way radio, acknowledging the alert, the two-way radio will emit an alarm from the unit and send a notice to others within the group that this user is in need of assistance.
  • At this point, other team members can check up on this user.

Contact and schedule an appointment with Airwave Communications today for a free consultation. Our team will find the appropriate Motorola two-way radio solution for your business and detail your company’s best-case scenario for optimum performance. Airwave Communications will get your team connected!


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