A single company can have tens or hundreds of radios on a single site or be communicating across multiple job sites for coordination. In order to keep communication constant, one of the most prominent ways is to incorporate a trunked radio system. This system is designed to assign frequency channels to multiple groups of people. The systems can have access to multiple channels, ranging from 40-60, so multiple users can be talking at the same time. The trunked system is an automated and complex system that allows radio users the efficiency they need to never lose contact. Trunking is effective enough to be used by governments and emergency services in times of need.

Here are the four basic principles of operation:

  1. Control Channels – User’s radios send packets of data to a dedicated frequency called a control channel in order to speak to a specific talk group. In turn, the controller sends a signal that monitors that talkgroup that will instruct the radios to switch to that channel automatically. Once a user is done speaking, the radios will return to a “monitoring mode” scanning the channel for any additional transmissions.
  2. Talkgroups – they are an assigned group on a trucked radio system and when paired on a control channel, talkgroups can share these frequencies.
  3. Fleet Map & ID’s – Talkgroups can be assigned in a fleet map and allows for an easier assignment of ID numbers. Each ID can be assigned to a specific talkgroup and allows for less confusion when interacting on the radio system.
  4. Scanning – Many scanners that can read trunked systems can store the frequencies of individual talkgroups. They can be stored in a “bank” based on how the scanner is programmed.

Airwave Communications can offer trunk and pseudo-trunk radio systems that can help a business or individuals in times of need. Efficiency is a business’s greatest asset to sustaining success and with a singular radio system that keeps an entire team on pace is a step in the right direction. Let our team find the right system for your business so schedule an appointment today!


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