Motorola has been a resilient and strong presence since its inception in the late 1920’s. Motorola’s founding company, the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation was started by brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin in Chicago. The company has been a force in the telecommunications industry, with products such as mobile phones, televisions, and two-way radios. When talking about Motorola’s sizeable contributions to the telecommunications world, it is important to not only look forward, but to also consider its past.

The name Motorola was established by Paul Galvin in 1930 with the manufacturing of the first Motorola car radio. “Motor” came from motorcar, and “ola” inferring sound. Since then, Motorola has boldly broken through into the many fields of communication. Did you know that the first words from the moon back in 1969 were communicated through a Motorola radio transponder? Besides being a pioneering brand, Motorola also exudes style (think the iconic Motorola Razr that was so popular in the mid-2000s). Going back even further, Motorola pagers were all the rage for decades. Though it may be hard to believe, pagers are still used in some industries. Two-way pagers are used in the medical industry and other businesses for communications.

Besides being an innovator, Motorola is a major player in the public safety industry.  From video security and police body cameras to dependable two-way radios, Motorola is a front and center contributor. Their two-way radios are second to none in sturdiness and reliability across many industries. A brand’s longevity speaks volumes, and with Motorola’s durability and contributions, it says that you can’t go wrong with anything that has earned the Motorola name.




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