When a natural disaster or epidemic strikes, are you prepared to act? What happens when the internet or cell phone coverage goes down? Outside of go bags and resources, communication is a critical aspect to keeping loved ones safe and keeping contact with emergency services. Storms and other natural disasters can knock down cellular towers or cut internet lines so having a direct line of communication with 2-way radios can be crucial. The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health has posted introductory instructions on how to setup and operate a 2-way radio system. We will discuss the four benefits of using a 2-way radio in an emergency situation.

  1. Locate Everyone At A Moment’s Notice

In times of an emergency, you cannot waste time trying to locate every family member or individual in your team. Searching can waste valuable moments and can mean the difference between success and failure. Many 2-way radios are equipped with GPS tracking, so everyone can be accounted for.

  1. 2-Way Radios Work When Other Forms Do Not

2-way radios have their own channel that they can communicate on and are not limited like other forms of contact. Phone lines can get bombarded during a time of an emergency and that is not the case for radios. One key tip is to always keep an extra battery pack or power source to keep your radio operational.

  1. Contact People Who Are Miles Away

Most individuals think that 2-way radios can only be used within 50 miles of each other but that is not accurate. These radio systems, when properly equipped, can communicate with individuals up to 300 miles away.

  1. Radios Are Durable & Lightweight

The technology and size of modern cell phones is something short of miraculous, however, they can be fragile or have malfunctions. 2-way radio systems are built to withstand the elements. One cool feature of some 2-way radios is that when an area is flooded is that the 2-way system will float. These systems are made to be used in times of need.

Airwave Communications can offer 2-way radios and radio systems that can help a business or individuals in times of need. They are not offering cheap consumer grade radios, but professional models that are reliable and durable. Let our staff find the perfect radio system for you and walkthrough all the necessary features to ensure you are utilizing your system to the maximum.


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