When we think of analog versus digital, the first thing that might come to mind is the old analog televisions and the switch to digital that took place back in 2009. Not only did the implementation of digital TV mean more channels, it also allowed for clearer images and sounds. As you can imagine when you apply this concept to two-way radios, a digital two-way radio will offer clearer communication than the analog two-way radio. This is not to minimize the quality of analog two-way radios; after all, the handheld two-way radio has been widely used for decades. Since then, they have stood the test of time.

Analog two-way radios could be described as well-made and simple. You just press a button and speak to get your message across. It is sturdy and reliable and gets the job done so long as there is no need for advanced features. Though many good things can be said about the analog two-way radio, it does not have the capacity for the clarity of sound the digital two-way radio offers. Though analog two-way radios have served their purpose well, the two-way radio world has moved on to a different direction. While looking back fondly at the analog, the two-way radio industry looks onward to the digital era where there are many more possibilities.  With digital, background noise is significantly reduced. The white noise you would get from an analog two-way radio when turning the volume knob to full blast is no more. The digital two-way radio also has the capacity for software applications to suit the needs of the organization. Of course, these perks can come at a higher price tag than the analog two-way radio, but there are many different two-way radios with different capabilities at different price points.

While the analog two-way radio has been timeless for many years due to its reliability, the introduction of the digital two-way radio has been a game changer. When you are ready to enhance your two-way radio experience, Airwave Communications offers a wide selection of two-way radios that bring you clear capacity, longer battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, text-to-speech, and much more. Airwave Communications also offers equipment leasing to further tailor our services to your needs. Whether your business is in the retail, healthcare, law enforcement, or transportation sector, we can offer you the right devices that fit your requirements.


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